Pulse provides festival promoters a wealth of data, on-site engagement and sponsorship activation options with access control that redefines the festival experience. Pulse empowers festival organizers with management operations, the ultimate integration of ticketing, RFID, and logistics.

The Pulse of Promotion

SHED platform eliminates credential fraud and increases fan safety with our custom festival currency, integrated logistics and data-gathering tools. Pulse even enables social hype and increased engagement through sponsorship activations. This holistic approach capitalizes on the digital experience with new and improved data, while amplifying the physical through advanced credential fulfillments, expedited processing, and seamless gate entry. The intuitive gamification of our platform instantly rewards festival-goers and boosts event loyalty.

Allocate Accordingly

Pulse captures powerful data and metrics that allow our users to make better decisions about the allocation of their resources. From marketing to operations, track what’s vital to making future festivals safer, more engaging, and easier to navigate. Pulse reveals insights through scanning and capacity reports, patron check-ins, time-specifics on patron flow, credential registration reports and more.

Pulse Portals

SHED access control portals are small, lightweight and fast. This cost-effective device gives festivals the ability to easily integrate the benefits of an RFID solution without breaking the bank. Weighing in under 5 pounds, these rugged — yet stylish — scanning stations are capable of being mounted anywhere from a Main Gate or VIP Entrance to a small catering tent. Built from the ground up with a focus on the demanding conditions of festivals, we have combined our proprietary hardware, with our state of the art software to deliver a self-contained solution that is blazing fast. Rest assured it will stand up to the elements and continue to operate regardless of power outages or a loss of Internet.


RFID provides the most secure way to eliminate credential duplication and/or distribution. Rest easy knowing that you have the power to investigate and take action when credential abuse may arise. Additionally, Pulse’s credential registration page securely connects each credential to a patron’s personal information while giving you an interface that makes patron information readily accessible.

Operate Offline

Pulse trusts each RFID tag as its own “source of truth” and has introduced writing to the RFID chip (WTC) as a secure means of validating credentials. Writing to the RFID chip removes the need to design complex and expensive on-site local server solutions and database syncing schemas. This gives Pulse ultra-fast transaction times by not having to depend on a round trip to a remote database, as well as gives the festival organizer complete “offline mode” that is not susceptible to network or Internet service interruptions.


Don’t just track social chatter — inspire it! Engage festival-goers on-site by integrating branded social activities that speak to your culture and the overall festival experience. Creating fan-driven social marketing is essential to shaping your festival landscape. Pulse has built-in social media integration that allows your fans to share their festival experience dynamically, creating a unique viral marketing experience.